About Us


ED LIGHTS is not only a highly exclusive, designer inspired, modern lighting distributor it is also a phenomenon in Botswana. Our ever expanding product range provides lighting solutions to most sectors and is popular in homes, offices, retail spaces, manufacturing and hospitality environments across the country.

Our range of light fittings represents the most unique style available globally with ingenious innovative ideas to save energy. Quality and safety requirements are enshrined in the ethics codes of ED LIGHTS. We ensure our customers receive the best by complying with world class quality and safety standards.

Be spoilt for choice, step into the universe of lighting solutions and experience an interactive personalized journey at the unique lifestyle showroom of ED LIGHTS. We await your arrival and are with you every step of the way.


Our Way To Success

We also acknowledge the need to a healthier environment in Botswana .thus our products are conducive to energy saving light sources such as LED Technology and Solar lighting Solutions.
From your driveway to your garden and pool lights, your magnificent double volume crystal chandelier to your miniature under counter LED strip lighting, from your classical timeless fittings to the modern touch

Exclusive Distributor

ED LIGHTS acts as the exclusive distributor for several outstanding lighting manufacturers and distributors around the world namely Europe, the Far East and South Africa.

Lighting store

Apart from selling and distributing lighting products, ED LIGHTS is a specialized lighting store that searches for lighting solutions tailored to suit both our customer needs and our responsibility to the environment.